The Illbillys: When are we playing? What, you're asking ME?
The Illbillys play music. This music takes place at what we refer to as, shows. These shows generally occur at fixed points in time and space, despite our determination to operate outside of these constraints.

Listed on this page are the shows that we are scheduled to play. Please be aware that we play many shows for private enterprises: Parties, country clubs, etc. While we would love for everyone on the planet to attend all of our shows, all persons are not invited to private shows, no matter how much we love each and every one of you.

TAD'S KIDS EVENT! Tad's Kids is a Richmond-based organization that provides relief for local families fighting childhood cancer. This is a private event, but I bet if you donated some big bucks to Tad's Kids, you might get an invite!
Where: Tuckahoe Plantation
When: TBD

PUCCINELLI PIG ROAST! Each and every year, the Puccinellis roast a pig in honor of all the pigs that have been roasted prior to this particular pig. This would be another one of those private events, but it's a really cool private event.
Where: Richmond VA
When: 7-11pm

THE HORN'S CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Christmas comes but once a year, but when it does it brings good cheer. And it also brings a house full o' happy, festive persons to the Horn's residence. For several recent Christmases, the Illbillys have been proud to provide the only live entertainment legally permitted by the Horn Administration. This is, of course, a private event.
Where: Chesterfield VA
When: 7-11pm