The Illbillys: When are we playing? What, you're asking ME?
The Illbillys play music. This music takes place at what we refer to as, shows. These shows generally occur at fixed points in time and space, despite our determination to operate outside of these constraints.

Listed on this page are the shows that we are scheduled to play. Please be aware that we play many shows for private enterprises: Parties, country clubs, etc. While we would love for everyone on the planet to attend all of our shows, all persons are not invited to private shows, no matter how much we love each and every one of you.

NORTHSIDE GRILLE! The Illbillys return to Richmond's premiere place at which to see the Illbillys! What we've learned from playing there several times over the past couple of years is that a) They have an awesome deck upon which, weather depending, we might be playing; b) They have a really great waitstaff; c) Their food is really good; d) Their drinks are really good; d) It's an incredibly friendly place. Won't you join us?
Where: 1217 Bellevue Ave, Richmond VA
When: 8:30-11ish

RICHMOND COUNTRY CLUB Members of Richmond Country Club enjoy a family-friendly getaway with eighteen holes of Virginia’s best golf, six tennis courts, a state-of-the-art Aquatics Facility, casual and fine dining, and a beautiful clubhouse with amenities you expect. Such as The Illbillys! Playing music! Live! In front of everybody!
This is a private event for members 'n' guests of the Richmond Country Club.
Where: Richmond Country Club, Henrico VA
When: 5-9pm

RALPH PUCCINELLI GOLF TOURNAMENT No, we don't play while everybody is golfing...though if you ask any golfer what best aids their concentration, they'll say that lots of unpredictable, percussive noise always helps.
This is a private event for members 'n' guests of the Richmond Country Club.
Where: Richmond Country Club, Henrico VA
When: 4-7pm

WINDY HILL! Windy Hill, Windy Hill, Windy Hill. One wouldn't think that a hill, which is known to be windy, would be a great place to play golf...but it's a driving range, not a golf course, so who cares which way one's balls are blown?
Where: Windy Hill Sports Complex: 16500 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian VA
When: 7-10pm

TARRINGTON! Were you aware that Midlothian is a sought-after area? It must be true, because it says so on Tarrington's website, and here I am regurgitating it, making it extra-true! We're playing for their Octoberfest festivity: Lederhosen are optional, but not required, expected or, quite frankly, to be regarded without a slight bit of suspicion.
Please note that this event is for Tarrington members and their guests only. Sorry, public at large!
Where: Tarrington's Clubhouse
When: 4-7pm or so

HUGUENOT ACADEMY REUNION! Illbillys JB and Peter graduated from Huguenot Academy in 1985. Sometime after that, the establishment morphed into Blessed Sacrament at Huguenot Catholic School...but they still have an institutional love of the Illbillys, who have played at their annual Beef 'n' Music Fest on several occasions. In this case however, 'twill be a CLASS REUNION of HA classes '81 through '85!
If you didn't go to HA, you probably aren't invited to this event. Apologies.
Where: Blessed Sacrament, Powhatan VA
When: 1-4pm

OCTOBER FLING BLOCK PARTY! On a semi-annual basis, Illbilly lead singer JB's neighborhood holds a block party, focused on a cul-de-sac (a street, lane, etc., closed at one end; blind alley; dead-end street). Is this a public show? Absolutely not, but if you were to wish to attend, there would probably be space for you in le cul-de-sac (bring a chair, or you'll be standing around like a doofus).
Where:...well? If you're interested in attending, reach out and we'll let you know where's the where. Again, this isn't really what you would call a public show.
When: 5-8pm

TAD'S KIDS EVENT! Tad's Kids is a Richmond-based organization that provides relief for local families fighting childhood cancer. This is a private event, but I bet if you donated some big bucks to Tad's Kids, you might get an invite!
Where: Tuckahoe Plantation
When: TBD

PUCCINELLI PIG ROAST! Each and every year, the Puccinellis roast a pig in honor of all the pigs that have been roasted prior to this particular pig. This would be another one of those private events, but it's a really cool private event.
Where: Richmond VA
When: 7-11pm

THE HORN'S CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Christmas comes but once a year, but when it does it brings good cheer. And it also brings a house full o' happy, festive persons to the Horn's residence. For several recent Christmases, the Illbillys have been proud to provide the only live entertainment legally permitted by the Horn Administration. This is, of course, a private event.
Where: Chesterfield VA
When: 7-11pm